silver futo

The longer bundle of rope I ordered came in the mail the other day.

So now I can practice stuff that requires more rope, like this.


I like this tie a lot more than I thought I would, because it’s easy/fun to tie and looks cool, and it’s even more comfortable than it looks, though I’m not a fan of the whole “now I can’t walk” consequence.

(I can still hop on one leg though.  Should brainstorm a game for this…)

Anyway, someone should tell me the history of rope as a hobby because I don’t understand why this is so heavily sexualized as to be considered a NSFW topic even when it’s nonsexual.  Perfume, I get, I get why perfume is sexualized as much as it is.  But rope — obviously there’s the historical connection to the BDSM community, but how did that come about, in practice?  Why this?


9 responses to “silver futo

  • R.

    That is a lovely tie and a lovely color of rope, if I may say so. Might I ask where you ordered it from?

    Maybe rope as a hobby has something to do with sailing, all the different types of knots and whatnot. There’s an inherent aesthetic quality within rope – its texture, the fact that it can be used to make lots of patterns while having a pattern within itself. At least that’s what I get out of it, apart from BDSM contexts.

  • doubleinvert

    I think one possibility is that restraining one’s partner or being restrained can play a part in dominance and submission scenes. I could be part of a consensual non-consent fantasy/scene. That might be where the sexualizing comes in.

    • Coyote

      And then I must ask myself, dare I ask why *that* is…

      • doubleinvert

        I could try to answer that, from my own perspective. But, I’m allosexual and it’s my understanding you’re sex-averse. I want to respect your boundaries, and any boundaries you might have for the comments section of this blog. I know what my reasons are, and they are shared by at least some in the kink communities.

        • Coyote

          Aheh, well, I was thinking something like this.

          • doubleinvert

            Ah, I think I see what you mean. For me, violence is never sexy. I can find sensory fulfillment through certain types of pain, but that’s not necessarily violence. Likewise, I find a certain type of fulfillment from being restrained. But, that’s because I trust my partner enough to respect the safe-word. And, yes, I have gotten some strange reactions when people find out that I’m a rape survivor who has certain kinks.

  • Klaaraa

    I must find a library that has The Ashley Book Of Knots, asap. I used to check it out from the University library every so often and enjoy it tremendously but its not feasible to own on limited shelf space because it weighs 3 kgs.

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