Remember when I talked about Fiona, the character brought in as Sherlock’s love interest on Elementary?  Here’s a little more of that.

[tw: sex as a point of contention]

  • They’re dating now, and Joan surmises (correctly) that they “haven’t had sex yet.”
  • :/
  • Sherlock is a character who, it’s been established, is used to having casual sex on a very frequent basis.
  • Sherlock has been acting unusual and stressed out, and it’s implied that not having sex for a long time is the reason.
  • :/
  • (He has been counting the number of days since he’s last had sex.)
  • But he also says that dating Fiona is “worth it.”  Cute?
  • Then later in the episode… she breaks up with him.  For different reasons.
  • But it turns out it was all a misunderstanding!
  • They communicate about the issue more.
  • As a result of that resolution, she decides to have sex with him.

Meryl Streep saying "Groundbreaking" with an unimpressed expression.


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