So, even though I have several drafts and a million thoughts besides, I thought I’d ask, since I seem to have regular readers now, if there’s any particular subtopic you’d like to see me write more on or things you’d like to know my opinion on or whatever.

I mean, my askbox is always open, but consider this a more direct invitation, for people who wouldn’t have otherwise said.


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  • Klaaraa

    I would love it if you could write something about the different ways of having grey-area attraction patterns, as in ace/aro spectrum people who experience attraction weakly, or infrequently, or unexpectedly, or in non-useful ways, or in reaction to unusual stimuli. I assume you have talked to a lot more grey-aces and grey-aros than I have, and are therefore aware of more real-life ways to be grey… And I also assume that you have feelings or thoughts that would be worthwhile to hear, about the usefulness of some categorizations.

    • Coyote

      Heh, I don’t know that I’ve necessarily talked to many more gray folks than you have. On that subject, though, you might be interested in this. And I *did* get an idea just earlier today for a post about my own personal grayness, so now that I know someone might be interested, I might actually end up writing that one.

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