It’s been confirmed that I have an inflamed thyroid.  So that’s fun.

I haven’t exactly “gotten my hormones checked,” but given the role a thyroid plays, it’ll be interesting to see how things turn out if we can get this fixed.

5 responses to “🏠

  • Elizabeth

    Good luck! It can be quite A Process to get that taken care of, but I can vouch for how huge a difference it makes when you get there, especially in terms of depression/anxiety or fatigue/insomnia (depending on how it’s affecting you, of course).

    • Coyote

      Oh, gosh… What do you mean by A Process?

      • Elizabeth

        Eh, just trying to find the right dose can take a bit of time and testing, and I had to go to a specialist with a months-long wait to get in. Dealing with doctors in general is always sort of an ordeal, for me. I also had to get thyroid ultrasounds in the first year (they were worried about the C word in my case), so that was… interesting, lol.

        It shouldn’t be too much of a big deal? Just in my experience, a lot of tests and waiting.

  • Libris

    Good luck, thyroids suck and I hope you manage to get it dealt with

  • embodiedinlanguage

    Oh gosh, thyroid stuff is such a pain! But yes, as Elizabeth said, getting things balanced out can be such a relief.

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