Bad plan

The accountability process itself can be a double edged sword. Radical communities often divorce the accountability process from its place within the broader Restorative Justice framework, offering it as the sole response to intimate violence while simultaneously avoiding any further attempts at preempting violence before it happens. This false support places the needs of the survivor secondary to the question of how to deal with a perpetrator, once again prioritizing the needs of the perpetrator and maintaining the pattern of domination. What little support is offered survivors often replicates this same dynamic. One of the most common models of support used, that of making demands of the perpetrator, once again leaves all agency in the perpetrator’s hands, especially when there is no contingency plan if the perpetrator should refuse.

Betrayal: a critical analysis of rape culture in anarchist subcultures (bolding added)


2 responses to “Bad plan

  • doubleinvert

    I wish I had seen this a year ago. I was meeting with on of the small group leaders for my spiritual formation class. He was a PhD student at the seminary, with a focus on prison ministry. On the last day of our spiritual formation class he’d said that people should never call the police but instead should police their own communities. I didn’t have the nerve to speak up then, but I should have. I’m sure I wasn’t the only rape survivor in the room. I met with him later to talk about this, and he certainly didn’t sway me to his POV, and he seemed to dismiss mine.

    Why are so few people saying, “Don’t commit acts of violence”?

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