The Virgin Queen

[tw: transmisogyny, incest]

But when we’re fictionalizing someone who was famously the “Virgin Queen,” most of that fictionalizing will center around one thing: “Come on.  We know she’s f***ing someone.  Who is she reeeeaaally schtupping?  Because it had to be someone, right?”

I’m not the only one who noticed this, I see.  Glad to hear it acknowledged.  Not glad that this thread carries through more depictions than I was even aware of, though.

One response to “The Virgin Queen

  • queenieofaces

    SO, tangentially related, but I just read The Princess Nun by Gina Cogan, which I actually enjoyed a surprising amount? It’s one of the best handlings of sexuality/gender in a biography I’ve ever seen. It’s about a princess (daughter of the emperor) named Bunchi, who wound up leaving her marriage in her early twenties and becoming a nun. Needless to say, a lot of the scholarship about her has fallen into the “but she must have left her husband because she was REALLY in love with the monk that was mentoring her” camp, but Cogan is like, “Maybe? But also let’s not just assume heterosexuality off the bat or write in a love triangle when there’s no historical evidence for it.” And then there’s this bit:

    “This possibility does not address the reason was unable to endure the marriage, if indeed that was the case, a question that is, perhaps, even more difficult to answer than how the marriage ended. Did she not enjoy sex? Did she prefer sex with women? Was she simply unable to subordinate herself to Norihira? We can never know, nor can we ever know whether these are even the right questions to ask or whether they are the products of a modern concern with sex and gender hierarchies” (70).


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