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One unifying theme which is present throughout these documents and which reflects a general attitude of the Church is the acknowledgement of the solidarity of the Church with the Latin American reality.  The Church avoids placing itself above this reality, but rather attempts to assume its responsibility for the injustice which it has supported both by its links with the established order as well as by its silence regarding the evils this order implies.  “We recognize that we Christians for want of fidelity to the Gospel have contributed to the present unjust situation through our words and attitudes, our silence and inaction,”claim the Peruvian bishops.  More than two hundred lay persons, priests, and bishops of El Salvador assert that “our Church has not been effective in liberating and bettering the Salvadoran.  This failure is due in part to the above-mentioned incomplete concept of human salvation and the mission of the Church and in part of the fear of losing privileges or suffering persecution.”

–Gustavo Gutiérrez, A Theology of Liberation, p. 63


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