A Spine Is Dangerous

It’s not coincidence either that my Episcopal Facebook is All Hillary All The Time.  We are the denomination of “well, let’s work for incremental change on slavery.”   We move only when social pressure demands that we move, often several decades too late.  The denomination where refusing to take a side on a moral issue has been elevated to a virtue (”moderation,” “the via media”).  Every once in a while we struggle to find someone in our history who stood, bravely, on the correct side of justice, but mostly we just saint people who weren’t us, many years after their deaths, where they cannot disturb us with their rude, polemical demands.  It is the denomination where fear about being too radical has been praised as a mark of character.  Where generally a highlight of membership is the blessed removal of one’s spine, where we are welcomed, with relief, into a community of the spineless, who are all reassuring each other that a spine is dangerous, and evil, somehow attached to politics, and protest, and shouting, and that we have achieved a kind of holiness, purity, grace, by acquiescing, quietly, to our rightful, gentle place in the scheme of things.

honeyandwormwood on the Episcopal Church.

That’s the denomination I grew up in.  Sometimes I feel like that has a lot to do with why I turned out the way I did.


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