AA: more collab puzzles

[cn: light bondage]

Klaaraa wrote in:

I have only just come across that months-old post about scene concepts, and while I’m not sure whether or not you actually were at the time inviting tales or suggestions of weird intimacy, or whether you would be interested in that now, but that list of Scenes immediately made me think of that one time when me and one other Person fastened our hands together. My right and their left (leaving both our dominant Hands free), Palms facing, wrapping tape around each pair of fingers, and then we walked around the house like that for hours, and tried to cooperatively do various tasks that one usually uses both hands for. That was… Kind of awesome.

1) You’re right, I didn’t make that clear.  So allow me to state this now: anyone who reads my blog has an open invitation to send me tales and suggestions of weird intimacy.

2) That sounds so infuriating and so fun.  I don’t have much to say except sign me the heck up.

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