the asterisk in action

Anyway, if you were wondering what it looks like for someone to be nominally “aware” of asexual people but refuse to incorporate them into their claims, all you have do is look at this post.

[cw: sex, for the link and the quote below]

Most of the post implies that people on Fetlife argue a lot, as if that’s the worst thing about Fetlife.  So it concludes with this:

One thing Fetlife did not argue about was whether or not we should all have kinky sex.


Asexuals at the back, please put your hands down.

So… you’re aware that there are kinky people who don’t want kinky sex… and you’re even aware of kinky asexuals, and that the Fetlife userbase includes kinky asexuals… but you still write that the members of Fetlife “did not argue about” (and presumably agree on?) whether or not “we should all have kinky sex”…. why?  Why even put “all” to begin with?  Why “should”?  Why any of this?

This would have been so easy to fix, and you know what needs fixing, and yet… what, it would ruin the joke?  Don’t worry, it wasn’t that funny anyway.

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