sad child props for your righteous rage

Anyway #2, Queenie covered most of this kind of stuff already in her series, but really, to reiterate…  If you’re gonna do things like 1) postulate one monolithic narrative for recovery (or lack thereof) and spell doom as a blanket statement for other people, and 2) talk about CSA survivors as eternal children and ruined un-beings who can’t, like, live and become adults and be aware you’re talking about them in this weird infantalizing almost fetishistic way, and 3) dehumanize them while putting them on a pedestal as “angels” or whatever, and 4) describe sexual violence in a way that puts less emphasis on the meaning of violation and trauma and exploitation and more emphasis on the end “product” of a pitiable broken Thing, whose picturesque deficiency you paint in loving detail, practically salivating over a slew of hollow-shell imagery, then I’m going to see you as a threat.

And it’s going to seem a lot less like you care about what kind of support a diverse group of people actually needs and wants, and it’s going to seem a lot more like you care about using abused people as a pretty toy to wank to your own benevolence.

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