Anyway… even though there are times when overt hostility just makes me avoidant (see: aces & sga being a contentious subject), it’s odd to me how (and this has happened with multiple things) I can have so much build-up of handwringing and identification anxiety and authenticity anxiety over whether my experiences fit under X umbrella & not wanting to shoehorn myself in where I don’t belong or hurt or mislead anyone more valid than me — and then see some clown spouting off on the subject and drop all equivocation on account of being personally enraged.

Thanks for the unintentional validation, I guess?


3 responses to “contrarian

  • Calum P Cameron

    I vaguely recall opining in my youth that being exposed to offensive rhetoric was the best way to become certain where you stood on any issue. (The specific context in that case being that I’d just worked out how deeply permeating my Christianity was and how much of my unspoken worldview was rooted in it, on account of an argument with what I can only describe as a capital-E Evangelical atheist).

    Certainly I personally have always found the difference between “well yes but you’re going too far” and “oh hell no” to be far more palpable and memorably affirming than the difference between “I think I agree” and “I’m not sure about that”.

  • Hezekiah the (meta)pianycist

    “Authenticity anxiety” is such a good term!!

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