*nose wrinkles*

[tw: pedophilia, really bizarre rape apologia, creepy dehumanizing description of CSA survivors, just… really… yikes…]

me: ehhhh you probably shouldn’t make posts about this subject any more than you already have, what you have to say isn’t really important, and it’s not like anyone needs to hear tha–

me: *sees this mess that rambles on about how “When you abuse a child and sexually abuse them you are taking away that child’s spirit, that child’s light. You are taking away everything that makes them a child” and “You’re only stealing their souls. You’re taking from them something that can never be given back, a normal fucking childhood. You’re creating a broken person, an angel that can never fully recover”*

me: *putting on an oversized helmet* alright we’re gearing up right now let’s go

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