[cw: upsetting… abuse-related… stuff… gosh how do I even… this post is unimportant]

So to continue the cycle of vagueblogging, I guess… since this person has made it clear they don’t want to interact with me directly anymore… I don’t know what kind of abuse survivor it takes to use “I was abused so therefore I understand abuse dynamics” in an argument and then speculate that someone they think is a terrible, terrible person (me) was “probably abused as a child.”

I mean, what is this… what is this “being abused –> obtaining the worst possible flaws” theory being set up here?  She says she’s an abuse survivor herself, so does she look at the parts of herself she hates most/morally condemns in herself and say that’s because she was abused?  And hold herself responsible for that?

That’s… that’s terrible.


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