Guess what?  I’ve been reading again.

There is/was a gut-repulsion in the dissonance of What I Wanted versus What Others Wanted even – and especially – while we shared the same label.

Oh hello.  It’s me again, in the form of another person, apparently.

I find joy in recycling power.

!!!!!! LOOK AT THESE WORDS. ^^^^^

Over time, I’ve figured out that my absolute favorite way to play with power treats interactions as a dance (hehe, qu**r tango?) or some sort of storm. There’s a certain amount of chaos involved, and every power interaction involves a hundred and more instances of checks and balances. …I like… that the imbalance is precarious, and that it’s constantly being ‘updated’ in the course of play. I like power dancing with power in all the ways where there are no winners or losers (because I only want to play with my favorite people and I hate it when my favorite people lose and why would I want that and I’m terrible at competitive board games)

quotes from this post on RQ things [cn: I skimmed and didn’t read the whole post, I know, bad bad bad, so I can’t give detailed warnings, but there’s rape talk/anti-noncon talk and ethical kink vs. BDSM framing and assorted things like that]

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