new rule:

if you promo follow me then I’m allowed to make fun of your blog.  Especially if it’s an atheist or erotica blog and there’s no discernible reason for you to be following me.

ex. the kid whose about page describes one of their hobbies as “killing the ridiculous ideology of religion” like that’s even a coherent string of words.

10 responses to “new rule:

  • Midori Skies

    Lol. I get that same crap except with Christians. I’d wonder if they want to convert me or something, but they don’t comment…

    • Coyote

      Nahhh I’m assuming they’re like these kids pictured above who follow a blog and then don’t read any posts.

      • Midori Skies

        The most recent one was somebody who liked one of my posts instead of the usual follow promo. I went to her blog and found this on her about page: “Through this blog, I hope to share some of the light and love I have experienced, so that we will be empowered to lead others to the saving grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

        I figure it must be some sort of drive-by proselytizing. Maybe she just goes through the atheism tag and likes all the posts without reading them, in the hope that some of those poor deluded atheists will go to her blog and be “saved”.

  • Hezekiah the (meta)pianycist

    Lol, religion is a single ideology. And new atheism is not an ideology at all. And there is no such thing as being atheist and religious lol.

  • Carmilla DeWinter

    Oh yeah. I mean, I get the “ideology!” card because I’m a feminist and using the gender gap when writing German.
    However, while my belief that all people should have the same rights and should not be told what to do with their lives due to some arbitrary standard is indeed an ideoloy, so is believing in said arbitrary standard. Anything that is “common sense” is an ideology. See Middle Ages: The earth being flat was once common sense, too.

    • Coyote

      I don’t know that they’re against anything that’s an ideology, just anything they consider a ridiculous ideology. What doesn’t make sense is that they refer to “religion” as one
      “ideology” instead of millions of contradictory ideologies.

      • Carmilla DeWinter

        That, too. (But, hereabouts, you know, it’s like: “I have common sense, it’s everyone else who fell prey to an ideology.”)

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