So um.  I don’t even have the mental will or energy to play video games right now, which I guess is a bad sign.  But anyway.

I’m still thinking about the fact that a living, breathing person expressed irritation with dom criticism by saying, basically, “well there are priests who do bad things too — does that mean you’re against priests?” because I have to figure they’ve either 1) never heard someone say “I don’t like organized religion” or 2) like me, were/are slow to comprehend what “organized religion” even means.  (true story, as a kid I was baffled by people saying this and would just mock the phrase by sputtering, “what do you want, disorganized religion?”  They were talking about pastoral hierarchy, small one.)

Anyway this was paired with a more general “well are you going to condemn [various positions within hierarchical institutions] too?” that I assume was supposed to be rhetorical, but

…anarchists.  You’re thinking of anarchists.  Yes, they exist.  Yes, they account for some percentage of the people who might describe themselves as anti-dom or anti-BDSM* or whatever.  Come to think of it, they might even account for a sizeable number of them.

I mean I don’t know how it could escape your notice that a considerable part of “BDSM” critics are political radicals (feminists, political qu**rs, etc.) but, uh.  I guess this shouldn’t be surprising.

* terminology is ehhhh all over the place.  Friggin umbrella terms.


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