more fun with search engine terms

[cn: questionably anti-ace sentiment; cake jokes]

Another recent search term on my stats page is “living with an asexual” and while I guess that could be interpreted as referring to a person they’re “living with” in the sense of romantic cohabitation, I find it more fun to picture someone making a frantic phone call and saying, “Somebody, please, help.  I’ve been living with an asexual for three months and we’re running out of room to put all the cake.  There are playing cards everywhere.  ‘A Kiss Is Not A Contract’ by Flight of the Concords plays in our apartment 24/7.  I can’t do this anymore.”

One response to “more fun with search engine terms

  • Sennkestra

    I’m just picturing this combined with acefactoftheday now, like “help! my asexual roommate just turned invisible and their dragon is eating all my socks! What do i do?!?!”

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