Anyway it’s disappointing that in a context where it’s nigh impossible to find nonsexual/not-sex-heavy kink blogs, the one “kinky asexuals” blog I know of is the kind to reblog posts like this one that perpetuate the whole “fake dom” schtick (explanation here).

Also… what’s with this Smokey the Bear-style appeal?  “Only YOU can prevent our community from douchebags masquerading as fake Dom/mes. Won’t you help 2016 be the last year for fake Dom/mes?”  Uh.  Is that… Is that not supposed to read as victim-blaming?  Like, sure, there’s stuff people can do to make the community safer (such as, for instance, spreading the word about and disinvinting known abusers, not relying on this “real doms/fake doms” dichotomy, etc.) but “only” you?  Really?  We’re going to put the responsibility on everyone but the problem doms themselves?  …Okay.  That seems like exactly the problem you were trying to point out in the first place, but okay.


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