@christian leftists

Where are all the jokes about “godful communists”?  I expected a Google search to turn up more results than this.

4 responses to “@christian leftists

  • Arrela

    I feel targeted by this title, but I have no idea about the joke at all? None? Would you mind explaining? I would appreciate it a lot!

    • Coyote

      Oh! Okay. Didn’t occur to me that this was a very American thing. In American politics — in the 1950s especially — it was kind of a… thing… to refer to communists as, specifically, “godless communists” — as a way of pitting them in diametric opposition to good ol’ God-fearing Americans (I think this is what Siggy’s tumblog header, “godless asexual,” is referencing, although that may be a coincidence) (if you google “godless communists” you may get the flavor of the idea) (apparently it came from a Christian children’s propaganda comic? I learned something new today).

      • Arrela

        Aha! Thank you! I don’t think “gudløse kommunister” is a thing, but I might just be ignorant. Anyway, thanks a ton for explaining!

  • Calum P Cameron

    Huh. I’ve been occasionally using “godless X” sarcastically for ages, and it never even occurred to me to look up whether that meme originated anywhere in particular.

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