in a locked room

So I don’t know about this being “the difference” between Catholicism and Protestantism, but that description… I feel like I need a word that combines the ideas of “creepy” and “gorgeous” in a way that isn’t too irreverent.  Anyway, I love this:

if Catholicism is a body and tradition and the hard work of salvation and intercession, Protestantism is you and God alone in a locked room, playing a high-stakes game of twenty questions. God is very fond of you, for some reason you can’t quite figure out, and is also impossibly vast and difficult to understand and has claws, from certain angles. this makes the fact that you can’t do anything to make God like you more a little nerve-wracking.  You can phone a friend for hints, if you like, or to talk twenty-questions strategy. God is super patient. But no one else is ever allowed in the room.

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