first day of the new year

One of the search terms on my stats page is “how to overcome asexuality.”

Oh, honey.


4 responses to “first day of the new year

  • Klaaraa

    Because no one has ever taken on “convert from my sexual orientation to a more acceptable one, i.e. straight” as their New Years Resolution?
    Anyway, looking at search stats to one’s own blog does sound like the most fun and the most Research-provoking Thing anyone could ever do…

  • Klaaraa

    There wasn’t really anything much, to miss, I was merely wondering why you would be surprised about a person doing the most common thing ever to do on the new year, which is holding the strong intention to make changes to their life that are neither realistic nor healthy…

    Maybe you weren’t surprised, though. Maybe you knew this was a thing and that people like that might even come upon your blog, and you were really just being compassionate and sad about how this person is probably asexual and knows the word and wants to become straight (presumably) and is going to do dangerous stuff and be unhappy a lot before it’s over, and that is absolutely a thing to be compassionate and sad about. Sorry for being a jerk again.

    Completely literal about that second part, must be a lot of fun.

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