AA: Dragon Age

K wrote in:

hey I noticed you like dragon age and I was wondering if you would be so inclined as to discuss which character is your favorite! if not I 100% understand bc it’s sort of off-topic. personally I’m fond of Josephine Montilyet, tho I haven’t finished Inquisition yet.

Of course!

Josephine is great, I agree.  I like Cassandra and Cole a lot too.  And Varric, of course.  I haven’t heard of anyone not liking Varric.

My favorite, though?  Proooobably a tie between Merrill and Aveline.

I had been spoiler’d a little going into DA2 so I thought for sure I wouldn’t like Merrill, and boy was I wrong.  I fell for that girl hard and fast.  Self-conscious self-effacing types melt my heart.  I wish there were more dialogue options that were just “No Merrill you’re perfect and I love you and you don’t need to be so down on yourself and you’re so cute I’m going to explode” because that is the feeling I frequently experience while talking to her.  She’s so darn adorable.  I think her relationship with Fenris is really interesting and tragic, too.

Aveline being unromanceable and marrying a male NPC is complete BS and I would have romanced her with a F!Hawke if I could have.  Oh my god I love that woman.  She’s so staunch and blunt but also a really big sweetheart?  And I really like her dialogue with Fenris, too.

But back to Josephine, yeah, she’s the first character I picked to romance. :3  I appreciate the ambiguity that allows you to interpret the arc as nonsexual and I also appreciate her face, wow.  What a face.  What a precious character.

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