*vagueblogs about my own followers*

I can tell when people are only doing that promofollow thing and aren’t actually intending to read my posts, but I’m tired and cranky enough to say this anyway.

If you’re a woman who cares more about having sex with men than about doing right by other women, then… we don’t have anything in common and I want you to go away, I guess.

I want to say something more crude and angry than that, but really, you’re not the main one at fault here.

I know you love him.  I know you do.  That’s real.  Those feelings are real.

And you know what?

You’re not being fair to yourself.  You’re not being fair to her.  He’s not being fair to either of you, which is the worst part.

Anyway since I know you won’t actually read this I’ll just go ahead and say it:

He is manipulating the hell out of you.

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