So back to unexpectedly seeing yourself in other’s posts, it happened with this too.

I just took a quiz to find out what kind of Dominant I am, and it turns out, the way dominants talk about bdsm is completely abhorrent

yeeeeeeaahhh I know exactly what quiz they’re talking about there.  I took it too, since it’s one of the first results when I was doing some basic searches.  And, yeah.  Abhorrent is the right word to use.

It’s in a “select if you agree or disagree” format with a list of statements and one of them is literally like “Women are inferior and should serve men.”  And that’s just one of the repugnant things on there, presented like it’s some neutral acceptable thing.  As if sexist men are just one of many types of doms to be celebrated by the kink community instead of a problem to be purged from it.

Eugh.  Come at me with your #notalldoms protests if you want, but I hope you’d still be a little troubled that messages like that are so prolific/accessible with very little out there to counter them.  Quibbling over exact proportions doesn’t dissuade me from the impression that there’s a festering sore going untreated in that camp.


One response to “#domshaming

  • epochryphal

    ooo i really like her other post that says kink scenes seem submissive-heavy. bc Yeah, sure feels that way, and maybe it’s actually true, in which case it’s all the more important to talk sub/sub dynamics (and criticize how the Major Figures all doms, and the social power they get through this crappy faux-scarcity)

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