fun facts

Things I was not expecting:

  1. A rolequeer blog linking The Thinking Asexual (b/c of relationship anarchy)
  2. Maymay quoting David Jay about relationships
  3. The #bondage tag on WordPress being full of Christian bloggers

12 responses to “fun facts

  • Siggy

    I actually met Maymay in 2011, and IIRC they talked endlessly about how they found ace discourse (particularly the brand that David Jay conveys) really resonated with them. They said they wanted to interview DJ for their podcast, but it never happened. It was suggested I could be interviewed too, but that never happened. They said they’d write a blog post about it, but I tracked their blog for a period of time and it never happened. yeah…

    These days, I hear pretty bad things about Maymay, stuff that I’d rather just not touch at all.

    • Coyote

      Wow! Would not have figured.

      • Sciatrix

        I have also heard some pretty nasty things about Maymay, just FYI. If I hadn’t been on the road yesterday, I’d have commented and added that myself.

      • Libris

        Chiming in that I have also heard some pretty nasty shit about Maymay.

        (I also find a lot of things within rolequeer talk extremely skeevy – you’re obviously able to curate your own stuff, but I felt kinda weird that no-one had mentioned that yet. It’s a weird mixed bag of ‘oh okay you had a nice idea there but wait what the fuck how did you get over there’.)

        ALSO I REMEMBER THE SPIRITUAL BONDAGE THING luckily I escaped that church /before/ learning about kink, or I’d never have had a sombre Sunday again.

        • Coyote

          That was not the thing I was “wow”ing at, incidentally, but the input is noted all the same.

          And actually, Cor and I had briefly discussed as much (re:rolequeer) in the comments of my kinkspam post. That’d be a good place to talk more about it, if you want.

  • Hezekiah the (meta)pianycist

    #3 is really interesting! I’m curious if they’re of any particular Christian groups, e.g. ones that have a purity culture vs. ones that don’t?

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