[cw: talk of porn, trivialization (?) of abuse]

Give me Christian abstinence porn. I am so disappointed about the absence of Christian abstinence porn, and I feel horrible writing it as someone only tangentially connected to Horrible Christians, so some of you survivors need to get on that.

Anyone want to take a crack at explaining what’s going on here without any context?

8 responses to “what.

  • Sennkestra

    I made it through the first two clauses like “ok, this is weird, but I could maybe see that” but then suddenly ???

  • Calum P Cameron

    …ok. Let’s see. Abstinence porn is presumably… some sort of… use of… not having sex… or the depiction thereof… for sexual titillation… I guess? Hmm. I’ll come back to that.

    If I assume that abstinence porn exists, whatever exactly it is, then I guess I can conceive of a Christian-flavoured version of the genre. The idea of Christian porn of any kind seems odd, but I guess Christian fantasy and Christian sci-fi are a bit odd and I’ve still enjoyed examples of them, so sure. And I guess if there was a market for ANY kind of porn in the Christian community, it’d be something called “abstinence porn”. I’ve personally observed Christian attitudes towards abstinence which made it sound like something vaguely pornographic anyway – which, yeah, is creepy as hell to me, but whatever.

    So, if I assume abstinence porn is a genre of sorts, and Christian abstinence porn is therefore a Christianity-flavoured sub-genre of abstinence porn, then… the author of the original quote appears to be of the opinion that abstinence porn should ideally be written by… survivors of something? Implicitly survivors of Things Involving Horrible People Vaguely Relevant To The Subgenre In Question. And therefore that people who have been mistreated by horrible Christians (unless “Horrible Christians” – what with the capital H – is like a band name or something) are the people who should be writing Christian abstinence porn in the opinion of this author, and since they do not consider themselves to have been mistreated by a horrible Christian at any point they felt their best bet was to make a public request for people who HAD been mistreated my a horrible Christian to write the stuff they wanted for them? Well, “demand”, really rather than “request”.

    The logic, presumably, being… Hmmm. No, I got nuthin’ there.

    Is the writing of whatever abstinence porn is some sort of abuse-survivor coping mechanism that I was not previously aware of? In which case I guess the author feels bad about writing a genre they feel doesn’t “belong” to them… but apparently doesn’t feel bad demanding that those who do “have a right” to the genre write it for someone else’s benefit?

    That’s about as far as I can get, interpretation-wise. I think I’m already lost.

  • Hezekiah the (meta)pianycist

    The only time I’ve seen the term abstinence porn prior to this post was in description of the Twilight books?

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