song of shut up

randomly ? remembering reading some Christian commentary on Song of Solomon and how it was all ?? “see! how the Bible celebrates sexual love within marriage! it’s a great thing! it’s a thing to be appreciated! sex isn’t bad! sex is good!” and ??? remembering feeling… Bad ? and also feeling Bad about feeling Bad ?? because ?? “sex within marriage is good! sex within marriage is GOOD!” ??? and not understanding ? why I wasn’t reacting to the passages Correctly ????? I didn’t understand, I didn’t understand, I didn’t


2 responses to “song of shut up

  • Aidan

    Oh my gosh yes. When I was about 12 I got this “Bible for teen girls” with commentary that was supposed to be relevant to my life, and I read Song of Solomon because previous commentary had referenced it as this beautiful, ideal love story for Christians, and I read it and was like “….. but …… I don’t want anyone to talk about my body that way…… or think about it that way…….. ???” and I got really upset because the inserted columns were directly saying that this was what God wanted in marriage and talking about the rewards of being pure and I was thinking it sounded not like a reward but like an obligation and a punishment, and if this was the only way to be loved then I would never be able to love anyone.

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