A couple of years ago, I wanted to get a present for another equestrian, so I decided I’d get a fragrance thing that smelled like leather (like a saddle), as kind of a joke.

Looking through Demeter’s catalog, I actually found several different leather scents to choose from — Leather, Saddle, and Riding Crop.  Nice.

I investigated them each, thinking Riding Crop would be just as appropriate as Saddle…

…and on the item page, the preview image showed a woman’s tall high-heeled boot next to the bottle, and the item description calls its name “a naughty name” for a fragrance.

The name of the fragrance is Riding Crop.  That’s it.  That’s all.


Riding crops aren’t “naughty,” though.  I know they’re associated with sexual BDSM, but riding crops aren’t inherently naughty.  That’s like saying a set of car keys is naughty.

Here I am trying to buy horse-themed gifts and y’all are making this awkward.


2 responses to “#asexualequestrian

  • Arrela

    In, uh, the equivalent of high school, more or less, I would sometimes go straight from school to the stable, which meant I brought my gear, including my riding crop, with me to school. I got so many whistles? Like, it was sticking out (bc long) of a completely unremarkable bag and everyone knew I was a horse girl, and yet. Occasionally also people took it and chased each other and did a lot of whistling and ooh-ing. I was so uncomfortable eventually I just stopped bringing it with me when I didn’t have time to go home between school and the stable.

    All of this just to say that I feel you so much on this, wow.

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