strange followfellows

A thing I had to learn from experience about WordPress is that there are, apparently, a lot of people who decide to promote their blog by just following every blog that posts in a tag related to their own blog.  So if I tag a post with “sex” or “Christianity,” for instance, I might get followed on the basis of just that one tag, alongside everyone else in the tag.  People do this so that those bloggers will get the “new follower” notification and possibly click to visit them.  Presumably, the people who use this promotional tactic never actually read their dash.

Anyway, that’s my best guess as to why my follower list features a strange mix of sex blogs and devotional blogs.


4 responses to “strange followfellows

  • Siggy

    Well, it’s a less intrusive form of spam then the people who post vaguely positive comments and then suggest trading links. I feel like that used to be more common.

  • doubleinvert

    I noticed that, too. I picked up some Christian followers after a Advent series of posts I had made. I never bothered to see if they stayed around, though. Being a Christo-Pagan who’s also unabashedly queer and trans, I had to wonder why the connected. I’m very careful about the Christian blogs I follow. It seems there’s a lot out there whose blogs are full of why people like me are the Devil’s Own(TM).

  • Carmilla DeWinter

    I didn’t check if it existed anymore, but I did have a follower who was actually mostly rhapsodizing about “escort ladies”. Very odd, but at least it’s only the one.

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