bookstore adventure

The copilot was in town today, and we went several places together, including the bookstore.  After she wandered off and then found me again, she made a comment about the predictability of having found me “on your knees in the religion section.”

I, being all flustered that she had pointed this out, rather pointedly shifted position from kneeling to squatting.

Anyway, I found this in the theology/comparative subsection.


Gay Spirituality by Toby Johnson

Sounded worthy of investigation, so as a test, I decided to check the “sex” chapter to see how long it would take to find One Of Those Things, and…


“A gay spirituality is necessarily concerned about sex — and is necessarily sex-positive” is the first sentence.  THE FIRST SENTENCE.

Okay, you say, but maybe that’s not–

“People who choose to identify themselves openly as gay are more sexually motivated”


“Because gay people have experienced their sexual drive as so intense and consuming that it–”

nope good BYE


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