Why do I even trust any resources not made by aces anymore?

[cw: abstract references to sexual harassment and I guess sexual violence more generally, plus (supposedly separate from the first two) sexual stuff worded-as-a-command, me making threats of violence out of frustration, general stress vibes]

I clicked a link on advice for dealing with sexual harassment — “dealing with,” in this case, also meaning even after the moment has passed, and grounding yourself again, and all that — sounds good, right?

It was a long article, so after I bookmarked it I started skimming and scrolling through, just glancing at headers and such and looking to see where the end was.

One of the list items of advice drew my eye, under the heading of “connect with your body,” a short, single line, highlighted by whitespace compared to the multi-line paragraphs above and below.

“Give yourself an orgasm.”


How about I give you a broken nose?

It’s– look, I know, I know.  It could be a useful idea for some people.  I know.  Just because it’s one of several suggestions in a compilation of advice doesn’t mean they’re saying you have to.  I KNOW, I know, I know, I know, I know.  Maybe that could help someone, sure, whatever.  I know.

I’m just sick of feeling like I’m being gaslit into oblivion.

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