quoi symbol brainstorming

Trying to think of some ways to visually represent quoiromanticism… since you know how people are more likely to pay attention to information when it has pictures and such.

This is just more of me slapping things together and posting them, as usual.

The obvious choice: hearts and question marks.  Intuitive, but not… distinctive.

qmark heartsGoing in a different direction — how about the astrological symbol for opposition?  Because of disidentification, get it?

oppositionMmmyeah that’s getting a little too abstract.

I like this one: blending a capital Q with a question mark.

q mark More fun with question marks!

question arrayI also like the idea of some kind of squiggly, swirly spiral arrow, both because of the orientation/direction idea and as a loose connection to “aro” / arrow symbols.  This one turned out kind of Tim Burton-y.

swirl arrow…which ….makes it look like a messy mistake rather than what I was intending.  Oh well.

But the Qmark looks promising, so there’s that, at least.

Bonus: Cor’s unflag, made transparent

cor unflag

edit: at Queenie’s request, a heart made out of question marks

question heartedit: here’s another swirl arrow

swirl arrow2

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