It’d be nice if there were some kind of in-depth, ace-friendly resource for reading up on sexual disorders that wasn’t an utter minefield.

I’m thinking of the more technical/physical/structural ones here — pain disorders, arousal disorders, orgasmic disorders, etc (not desire or aversion disorders thx).


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  • epochryphal

    wouldn’t it just.

    if you can throw out some criteria, i might slap together a thing on dyspareunia/pain disorders? relevant to my interests.

    otherwise, there’s vaginismusandsexuality, an ace tumblr. and there’s that one FSD interview elizabeth did ages ago — and i feel like there was something recent either by her or on the ace agenda? but yeah, whoo, three whole pieces.

    • Coyote

      I’m thinking like… definition that isn’t creepy (or notes on why it’s creepy), diagnostic criteria, info on what treatments are in use/available that aren’t super vague or super sex-normative, and if possible, links to first person narratives or things otherwise not written in super clinical language …? or thereabouts.

      Which reminds me, I wish I knew of more to read on the clinical concept of “distress.”

  • Sennkestra

    Are you thinking of like, resources for people have/think they might have sexual disorders? Or just like, general informational stuff for people who are curious or into the subject academically?

    I mean, I nerd out about academic sexuality stuff enough that I’ve read a decent sampling of current and historical works about various sexual disorders, so if anyone were to start such a project I’d probably be interested in helping with the academic/historical information part.

    Re: distress…Andrew Hinderliter has a really good bibliography of resources on history of/development of/controversy in the DSM – they’re mostly academic articles, though, and a lot of them are behind paywalls.(http://www.asexualexplorations.net/home/paraphilia_bibliography)

    I think he might have some writing somewhere about issue of clinical distress on his blog (http://asexystuff.blogspot.com/), but I’d have to dig a bit to see – I’ve definitely had a lot of good conversations about it with him but I can’t remember if there’s anything actually formally written out though.

  • queenieofaces

    I personally know enough aces with sexual disorders that if they all banded together, we could probably get a pretty good resource out of it, but, unfortunately, I think a lot of them would be pretty unwilling to do so because of massive stigma and people in ace communities sometimes being pretty crappy about “but all our plumbing works just fine!” In terms of stuff that already exists, there’s FUCKED, which although not ace focuses, does have an ace contributor: http://fuckedzine.tumblr.com/post/90052891051/fucked-on-being-sexually-dysfunctional-in I haven’t read it yet, but have heard good things.

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