completely by accident, too

I found it!  I found the origin of “the” quoi flag!

This has been a mystery to me for some time now.  I’ve known for a long time that Cor was the coiner of quoiromantic (which I discovered via a link in a post by Sciatrix, I think) but when I saw a quoi flag in a compilation of flags, I remember being like “…There’s a flag?  …Does Cor know about this?”  And no!  It turned out!  Cor discovered it long after I did, and was never consulted or notified!  Which, I think is a little weird, but there we are.  Mystery solved.

edit: found some variations/discussion here


7 responses to “completely by accident, too

  • Siggy

    Well it’s good to see that they say the colors represent vague concepts like “harmony”, “emotion” and “fuzziness”. Sometimes these flag ideas use the colors to represent specific subgroups, which is unfortunate since the list of most popular labels can go out of date fairly quickly.

    • Coyote

      Good point! Take note, future flag makers.

      Lucky for me, I also happen to like those colors to begin with. :)

      • Siggy

        I’m mostly thinking of the aro flag. I remember seeing arguments that yellow stood for lithro, and people wanted to get rid because they wanted to signal how much they disliked lithro or something and also yellow is ugly. I don’t know, just pick colors that look nice and give them meanings that couldn’t possibly be offensive. I mean, if you want the flag to last, anyways. My two cents.

        Actually the ace flag has the same problem.

  • epochryphal

    did you see my playing around with flagness and cool grey-web lavender :0

    • Coyote

      I did! But thanks for the link so I can find it again.

      I’m with you that having a by-now-traditional horizontal-stripes-flag for Quoi feels kinda… out of place… but I’ll confess to liking her choice of color scheme.

      Eventually I’d like to play around with both of these more, focusing on making general symbols instead of flags.

    • Coyote

      Sidenote: I’m at work trying to be all professional and I just doubled over sneak-laughing about your tag #take that FLAGS.

      I’m going to need to draw a flag on fire at some point.

  • Elizabeth

    Haha, I’m amused by the “those colors hurt my eyes” comment, and then just making them lighter. Those two colors really need to never be right next to one another. Putting the white/grey stripe in between them would be MUCH better.

    But honestly I really prefer a non-traditional flag!

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