words for anti-ace aggression

Hey.  Word people.  I need help with words.

I’m looking for something I can use as a label for hostility-specifically-targeting-aces, as a subset of heterosexism and compulsory sexuality.  Some folks use “acephobia” for this, but I don’t like using phobia suffixes for ideologies.  So, my tentative alternative…

misonullism, taking the same prefix as “misogyny” and applying to to the prefix “nulli-,” meaning no/none.  Something like “misacey” might be more intuitive in terms of components but sounds and looks… weird… and I can’t just use the “a” prefix by itself.

All I want to know is if you foresee any issues, besides potential vagueness or broad reinterpretations.  I’m just intending it for my own use on this blog, really, and thought I’d ask y’all first in case I’m overlooking something else I should consider.

16 responses to “words for anti-ace aggression

  • Kasey Weird

    I tend to translate all the misnamed “phobias” into “anti-x bigotry”. So in this case, “anti-ace bigotry”. It’s not catchy but it is accurate.

  • Hezekiah the (meta)pianycist

    I say “anti-asexual prejudice” most of the time.

  • elainexe

    It sounds odd to me to use “none” as a stand in for aces. It has the connotation in my mind of making aces or asexual-spectrum identities nothingness.
    Could the word be added to perhaps? Misonull-………….something.

  • Arrela

    I am. Not sure. About this.

    Coining new words is fun and great and occasionally important.

    But “sj” (I hate that term, but don’t know what else to use here) has a problem with accesibility. I think it says a lot that the writing that is meant to combat oppressions and centre marginalised people and experiences is inaccessible to a lot of those marginalised people. And so I am generally very skeptical of jargon.

    That doesn’t mean I don’t think we should introduce new words. But I think they should be as transparent as possible. If someone reads English well enough to read and understand a text that length, they should be able to infer what the word means, at least in vague terms, without looking it up, is my standard, I think.

    Also, yes, I agree, it is definitely unfortunate that “phobia” has become the standard way to express bigotry, I am definitely in favour of alternatives. But it is worth pointing out that adding “-phobia” to create a word meaning “adverse attitude towards x” has become a relatively productive morphological rule, and also that the meaning of a word is frequently more or different from the sum of its parts. Still! I agree. We should get rid of the “phobias”.

    Misogyny is a good word in many ways, but it is not very transparent for the average English user. It works because it is relatively often used, so people learn it as a lexical unit of its own, if they travel in those circles. Yet it is still a word people might not know what means outside those circles.

    I think words like ‘antiblackness’ are in many ways better words – all you need to have a vague sense of what this word means is to know what black means in this context, that -ness creates abstract nouns, and that “anti-” means strong opposition towards x.

    And so something like antiaceness, or as above, anti-ace bigotry are my top contenders.

    (Granted I am not certain this is something I feel like I need a word for. I feel like rape culture, compulsory (hetero)sexuality, heterosexism and heteronormativity cover my needs for big concept words. I get that it might also be nice to have a word for the personal attitude, though. I’m just not entirely sure if it’s wise, or necessary.)

    • Coyote

      I’m not intending to try and spread it anywhere beyond my own blog. But still, valid concerns.

      I like using those umbrella terms too. The times I would want to use some “antiaceness” term in particular would only be in situations like those described in lunasspecto’s recent post/that whole reblog chain on the harrassment waves in 2011.

    • Sciatrix

      +1 to this. This has become my biggest problem with jargon and specialized words as used online.

  • Sennkestra

    I think the main issue with misonullism is that it’s really unintuitive (‘a disbelief in fermented soy bean paste?’ is what came to mind for me) so you may find yourself in the position of having to re-explain it in every single post.

    I think the main problem for me is that when I see “null”, I think “nullification”, and without the -y suffix I didn’t pick up on the miso- being related to misogyny/misandry.

    (I know some people use the term “allosexism”, but are you looking for something with different connotations?)

  • Klaaraa

    acehostility ?

    lol on the Miso as in food disbelief thing.

    I am against “misonullism”, but not for they-will-make-it-into-something-to-confirm-that-aceness-is-really-nothing (though that is one interpretation that I sort of understand), but because I intuitively read it as meaning hatred of nothing or nothingness, which, urgh, and also, linguist hairsplitters will probably do the same.

    • Coyote

      Well, that… is kind of the idea, yeah. Hatred of null and absence, hatred of *not* being/feeling something, hostility to a non-presence. Still — duly noted.

  • Klaaraa

    “that… is Kind of the idea”: Oh.
    So that does sound like you want that word to mean hatred of asexuals based specifically on the idea that asexuals supposedly don’t feel anything.

    I previously thought you wanted a word for general hatred of asexuals, for any reason including general hatred of things one doesn’t understand, aces’ sexual unavailability to people who feel entitled, and also, maybe, contempt for aces seeking or receiving supposedly undeserved attention.

    Please correct me if I misunderstood something, I feel like I might have…

    • Coyote

      “hatred of asexuals based specifically on the idea that asexuals supposedly don’t feel anything.”

      Well, not quite. More like on the basis of not experiencing sexual attraction, desire, or whatever else is relevant — definitional aspects of being ace. So it would extend to those things since I’m assuming hatred of aces for being ace is the reason behind those.

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