antisemitism cw

I just read the phrase “the privilege of being a monotheist” with my own two eyes.  This is a real thing that someone decided to put into the world.

10 responses to “antisemitism cw

  • Libris

    I am on principle highly suspicious of anything that tries to talk about different religions and thinks that Wicca (and maybe ‘pantheism’?) is the only kind of paganism. That’s an incredible lack of research.

    Also, in agreement with the comments; the attitude of ‘I am vaguely okay with other monotheistic religions but wildly intolerant of anything else’ is an attitude I’ve seen in certain (Christian) social circles, but it really doesn’t seem like it would be applicable to frame that as a societal thing.

  • epochryphal

    ye and islamophobic too right? “abrahamic religions” yeah sure totally lumpable (noooo)

  • Hezekiah the (meta)pianycist

    I wonder if the people who think “monotheist privilege” is a thing know that there are Christians and Jewish people who take the position that Christianity and Judaism aren’t monotheistic.

  • Hezekiah the (meta)pianycist

    Wow I just looked at the link and wow, the people who made that graphic think antisemitism only targets religious Jewish people?? I just cannot stop saying WOW at how extremely ignorant that graphic is.

  • queenieofaces

    “Under the atheist umbrella” are almost entirely Asian religions, SOME OF WHICH HAVE DEITIES (which were censored when they were imported to the US because, for example, people wanted all the philosophy of Daoism and Zen without all that icky religious stuff that was CLEARLY not REALLY part of it), so, uh. UH. Like, there is an atheist branch of Buddhism, but I’m not sure I would call it “secular Buddhism,” unless by “secular” you mean “atheist.” (Like, literally, “secular” means “not religious” so how are you considering “secular Buddhism” a religion???? Do you mean “lay Buddhism”????) Also, there was literally a rash of writings in the 1970s by Western scholars who were like, “Guys, holy crap, I just realized…Daoism…has deities??? And is a religion???? And real people practice it??? And the reason we only ever read the Dao De Jing is because people wanted to ‘rescue’ Daoist philosophy from what they saw as the ‘primitive’ religious stuff???”

    By the way, if you ever want non-crapshoot religion readings, I’m reading for qualifying examinations right now so I have a lot of them! Granted, I think almost all of them are about Japanese religion, which maybe you’re Not Into, but I just read a really good book about the creation of the concept of religion in Japan, i.e. the Meiji bros falling all over themselves trying to figure out how to deal with Christianity and guarantee religious freedom due to diplomatic pressure but also still let emperor worship be non-religious.

    • Libris

      Yeah, the ‘atheist umbrella’ stuff is very much people mangling pre-existing religions.

      There are in fact people who purport to practise secular Buddhism! I consulted my one Buddhist friend on those people, and her response was ‘these people are my mortal enemies’, so, uh. You will always get people trying to fuck things up, I guess is the conclusion there?

  • elainexe

    Bleh. It’s like…people seem to use lack of monotheism in their discrimination, but it’s like more of an excuse? Monotheists end up accused of being not monotheists as well. And on the other side, how is monotheist even a coherent group to benefit? People, when wanting a word to use in a positive sense for an in-group, don’t tend to say monotheists; they’ll say “Judeo-Christian” or “Abrahamic.” The first I’ve heard several times from Jewish people that they don’t care for it, and is often used to specifically excludes Muslims. The latter, on the one hand probably isn’t used with minority Abrahamic religions in mind like the Druze, also does not include all monotheisms even if people pretend it does.

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