and one *more* thing

[pedophilia/CSA in movies cw]

Hey guess what else besides this has been on my mind again.

Maybe y’all already know about this, but there’s this scene in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark where he encounters a woman he’s clearly met before, Marion, and they begin to argue about something they allude to only vaguely.  I remember not liking how Indiana was behaving during this scene, but it wasn’t until I was older that I really… got it.

She spits at him, “You know what you did to me, to my life?” and then shouts “I was a child!” and I swear there’s something so… gravely sinister in the way he dismisses that statement with a simple, solemn, “You knew what you were doing.”  To which she protests, “I was in love,” and, a moment later, “It was wrong.  You knew it.”

It’s not subtle at all.

And given how quick my culture is to jump to any sexual interpretation, it’s… suspicious, that I hardly ever hear Indiana Jones referred to as a pedophile.

I mean, maybe this is more common knowledge than I’m giving y’all credit for.  But for me it was one of those things I had to look back on and realize, while cringing at the things I was exposed to without comment.


4 responses to “and one *more* thing

  • Ril

    To be fair I doubt she meant a literal child in this situation. From what you quoted I would guess she was just making a point of how young she was. If she was 15-18 most people wouldn’t consider that pedophilia(and legally statutory rape and pedophilia are considered different I believe. Though both are obviously illegal.). That being said it is still super creepy, shitty, and rapey of Indiana Jones. Do something fucked up to a minor/potential child and then be dismissive of the victim. That’s our hero, guys! Super gross.

    Also I haven’t seen that movie in at least ten years so I am just going on what you said. And thanks for bringing attention to it.

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