Moses talk

Every time I see that gifset with the “real talk, you don’t even have to be religious to appreciate The Prince of Egypt” comment appended to it, I get irritated, and I don’t know why.

It just seems like… a non sequitur to me.  The Prince of Egypt is a work of art.  And I don’t just mean that in the colloquial use of “is a work of art” to mean “is a great thing” (although, no doubt, that movie has a special place in my heart).  I mean it’s literally a work of art.  It’s a film.  It’s a piece of entertainment created for the purpose of entertainment.  It’s not a “religious” movie for having canon monotheism any more than Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a religious TV show for having canon witchcraft.

And yeah, Buffy isn’t a realistic portrayal of Wicca, but the way The Prince of Egypt tells the story of Exodus doesn’t stick close to the book, either.  I can name a couple major discrepancies off the top of my head, and I’m not even someone who reads the Bible regularly.  And for all that the movie features an Abrahamic prophecy and portrays God as a speaking character, it’s not advocating the worship of God or even about the worship of God — the English lyrics in the song “When You Believe” have more to with self-congratulatory celebration and ambiguous “belief” than they do actual thanksgiving to God.  I like that song and all, but lyrics like “who knows what miracles you can achieve” really grate on my nerves.  It’s not a worship song.  It’s an ode to the law of attraction.

And.  Again.  I like this movie.  I’m just really confused why anyone would think you have to be “religious” (Jewish? Christian? Either?) to appreciate it.  And even if it were an overtly religious work of art…  Um, hello?  The Sistine Chapel?  The Last Supper?

I mean.  Come on.  Not all of the stuff connected to us is as bad as Christian rock.


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