[pedophilia/rape tw]

Remember when I talked about sexual content in class required reading?

It gets weirder and weirder to me the more I think about the fact that the entire plot of The Crucible revolves around the jealousy of a fifteen-year-old child who “committed adultery” with a thirty-year-old man.

And she’s the villain of the piece.  And he becomes the noble hero.  And everyone that dies, dies as a result of her lust for him.  And nobody in class ever pointed out that there’s something kind of fishy about villainizing the child here, like she’s as much an adult as he is and it doesn’t matter.  Nobody ever said a thing about that.

And I’m unnerved to think about how much I loved this book.  For several years of my life, I thought its final scenes were an example of great writing.  It was one of my favorite books.

And in the two separate classes that I read it for, no one ever breathed a word about how there’s nothing to differentiate that “affair” from statuatory rape.


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