I was wondering when the redditors would find that one

I still don’t get what it is about reddit culture that inspires people to link something and then supply their counterarguments… on the reddit thread, but never, ever touch the WordPress blog post with an open comment section.

Maybe they genuinely haven’t noticed that this isn’t a Tumblr blog and that you can do that here.


8 responses to “I was wondering when the redditors would find that one

  • Elizabeth

    Count yourself lucky on that one. Every so often I come back to my blog to find some ass from Reddit has been spamming up my comment sections with repeated insults and outrage that I dared to not center the “needs” of “sexuals.” And also a lot of comments about how any relationship with an asexual could never work, lol.

    Somehow they don’t seem to understand that comment moderation is in effect, so they just write the same comment out again and again.

  • Siggy

    I think you put in the wrong link.

  • DG Arf

    Are you referring to /r/TumblrInAction? I looked up your website on Reddit and found them discussing a post of yours on demisexuality.

    /r/TumblrInAction is really not worth getting worked up over. They made fun of lots of stuff from demigray.org though interestingly, it’s tapered off in the past year. They’re more interested in circlejerking over how dumb they think demisexuality is than actually having a discussion.

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