AA: blog font

Klaaraa sent:

Coy, have you changed someting about the layout of your blog? I Kind of feel that the text is a lot harder to read than it used to be, though I’m sure it’s noting about colour, but I can’t seem to remember what the font looked like two weeks ago.

(or it may just be my visual processing being a Little weird lately, or some update to my Computer…)

I did change the font!  It’s not just you or your computer.  I’ve been meaning to switch to a sans serif font for a while now.  But if this one’s more difficult to read, I’ll switch it back when I get home to my computer (I’m on a phone atm) and then look for something better.

edit: Changed fonts again.  Feedback?


7 responses to “AA: blog font

  • (S)crawl Foreword

    I’ve read that fonts with the little ticks on them (serif fonts) are easier to read, as the lines act as guides. :) This might be why there’s some difficulty!

    • Elizabeth

      Actually sans serif fonts are recommended for people with dyslexia. I remember my partner making me include a complaint about The Asexual Agenda’s font in a comment about what she said one, because it’s a serif and that made it really hard for her to read the words that were new to her.

      The main issue with this font for me, Coy, is the small size of it. I like the new font better, but I’ve always had to zoom in on the page for comfortable reading.

  • Klaaraa

    This one is definitely easier to read, for me, but not exactly pretty.

  • Klaaraa

    I’m sorry. That was rude. You were obviousy asking for Feedback on the specific subject of readability, not Feedback in General. And I definitely think that readability should always come before aestetics.
    So, this current font has lower-case-a’s that are very different from both d’s and o’s (sorry for not giving the technical term for that Kind of a, I’m sure there is one but I don’t know it even in my own language and am currently too tired to search). That makes it easier to tell those letters apart, so, generally easier to read. If you end up not keeping this font, you might want to find one that also has those a’s. However, I have noticed that many Fonts with those as don’t exactly look very pretty, which may have to do with how the e and a next to each other look just weird and awkward. ea ea. ae.
    I don’t even remember what Kind of as were in the old font, the one you had for many months.

    May I ask why you initially wanted to Change Fonts, and also, why the small size?

    • Coyote

      It doesn’t look small on my screen, so I’m confused about the small size comments, but I can try changing that too.

      Truthfully? I just didn’t like how it made me feel like I had to be serious. It made emotes look bad.

  • Hezekiah the (meta)pianycist

    I am really liking your choice of Ubuntu as the font.

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