In an unprecedented turn of events, this is actually a happy/good-thing-happened post.

Earlier this week, I sent an email to a teacher I had in high school and have bracing myself for the reply ever since.  Years back, when I had his class, he said some things that kind of freaked me out a little in a way I wasn’t equipped to address back then — because I hadn’t come across words like “sex-normative” or the associated critiques back then.  The class was an English/lit class where we were reading several books in which sex was a plot point and/or relevant to the theme, so it wasn’t weird for us to be talking about sex in class, but… well, you know how these things go.

So, for over a year now, looking back on those memories, I’d considered emailing this teacher to come out to him and point out what he did wrong.  I felt there was a good chance he’d respond well, since I know he liked & respected me as a student and he’s an adamant supporter of gay rights and associated causes (which, as y’all know, isn’t a perfect predictor factor, but it’s something).

Still, I was anxious I’d get one of those “lol being asexual is bad though” replies that are all too familiar to us.  It would have been out of character for him, but I was emotionally bracing myself nonetheless, in case that happened.

But it didn’t.  He emailed me back and thanked me for trusting him, and it was so sweet and wonderful and I’m so relieved, and I thought y’all would find it encouraging to hear about.  It’s not anything I had to do, and it would have been feasible to cut off all contact with him if he had replied negatively, but… I kept thinking about confused little aces going through the same thing I did, being exposed to the same kind of talk.  And it made me want to protect them from that.

And now I get to feel like they’ll be in better hands next time.


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