will theasexualityblog ever quit making my eye twitch?

Probably not.

Note: for actual information on quoi, try here.


2 responses to “will theasexualityblog ever quit making my eye twitch?

  • Klaaraa

    Okay, so they added desire-for-a-certain-relationship-status as one of several definitions for the word that was originally just a romantic orientation.
    Which makes one wonder if they are even aware of the difference between an orientation as defined by attraction patterns, and relationship preference. Much in the same way that most demi critics are unaware of the difference between demisexual attraction patterns and non-promiscuous sexual behavior.

    Still, way to bring attention to the fact that there actually exist way too few words for the very desire-for-a-certain-relationship-status. There is “nonamorous”, and there are words describing actual relationships, but I have actually never heard of a word that means “wants to be in a queerplatonic relationship” or “wants to be in a relationship that involves sex and romance [even though is not attracted to partner]”

    For some people, the patterns of involuntary attraction actually are less important or less useful in defining one’s identity, than other things.

    • Coyote

      I don’t even know how that came up in the first place. Maybe a person identifying as quoiromantic stated an interest in forming a queerplatonic partnership, and someone else took that to be what quoiromantic “means”?

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