[cw for sexual violence stuff, not in regard to rape culture or things other people have said, but just a personal note (and not at all graphic)]

*takes an demographics survey online*

*reaches a section about rape and sexual assault*

*reads question that refers to it as “unwanted sexual contact” and not “sexual assault” & that asks whether the survey-taker has experienced it*

*realizes, because of that wording, that the answer is yes*



3 responses to “

  • Cookie

    Yeah, I’ve had that happen too. And then a bunch of the news articles about the survey reported the resulting statistic as “percent who have been sexually assaulted”, when that was actually a separate question asked in the survey and the official analysis reported separate numbers.

  • EdenNoMore

    This is totally a good turn for a survey like that. I mean, this could make for far more accurate reporting. Until recently, I never would have checked a box for sexual assault or rape. I would have just been like, “Yeah, but it really wasn’t because (insert lame excuse to deflect from the reality of the situation and make it okay).” But had I ever been at the end of “unwanted sexual contact”? That I would have had no problems answering, because there’s no need to make excuse. I don’t have to be put on the spot and blame anyone. More than anything, it made it easier to not feel like trash about myself because I didn’t want to, but did anyways because I felt like I had no other choice. Psychologically, I think it’s a million times better. I’m so happy to hear this is becoming a thing.

  • queenieofaces

    I had that moment a couple of years back. (It was not a good night for me. Really not a good night.) Let me know if you’d like to talk to anyone or want any resources or anything.

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