please donate,

but not to me.

My best friend and I are trying to move into the same town together/out of our respective parents’ houses, and one big obstacle to landing an apartment, besides income, has been her low credit as a result of huge student loans.  As to the wider context, she really needs to get out of where she’s living now.  It’s… bad, I’ll tell you that.  A lot of assorted family junk that I don’t feel comfortable disclosing on her behalf, including really, really irresponsible parents.

The copilot, as I refer to her on here, is someone y’all will have heard of if you’ve been following this blog a while.  She’s a bi feminist with depression & anxiety living in a really conservative neck of the woods, and I cannot stress enough how much I want to get her out of there.  She’s been a really big influence on the person I am today, so if you appreciate this blog and want to give something back, I’d want you to give it to her.

It’s not an urgent situation, I acknowledge that, but I at least wanted to put this out there.  If you have a paypal account, you should be able to donate to hers at — with any amount, really, even if it’s small.  Hopefully it’ll add up and y’all can help her with the bills that are weighing her down.  Thank you for reading.

I’d be grateful if someone would link and spread this on tumblr as well (copy & paste this text or add to it as you like).  It might help to refer to me as the author of some of my more popular posts that have been spread around there, like this one and this one.

Edit: to the person who did the thing — thanks bunches.


2 responses to “please donate,

  • Sciatrix

    Money is tight right now here but if you guys need any other kind of help I’m happy to oblige.

    Do you need a third roommate? I know secondhand of someone also scrambling to find housing here ASAP whose housing situation fell through. Drop me a note if I can help with anything else.

    • Coyote


      Hm. Well, we've been looking at 2 bedroom apartments, and I don't know if I could find one with 3, but I've been in that situation before and I'd be willing to talk to them at least. Actually, if they have their own income, that could really help us qualify. Lately the main problem, besides timing/pricing/availability, has been that the copilot's income isn't easy to prove (since she's a stripper). So joining forces with a third person could be a really good idea. I'd like to consider it and be put in contact with them, at least, even though the last time I roomed with a stranger it worked out terribly (so I'm kind of nervous about the idea by default).

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