go sit in the corner

[rape tw]

So on the one hand heteroromantic aces being homophobic is a real problem & needs to stop.  Being ace doesn’t preclude anyone from perpetuating heterosexism.  It’s really important for hetrom aces to understand that.

And at the same time, it annoys me to no end to see people annoyed with hetrom aces dismiss them as “just straight people who don’t have sex with their partners” — as if “not having sex with their partners” is just some quirky preference and not something with serious, sometimes violent, ramifications.  “Not having sex with your partner” is literally pathologized.  This monstrosity was just approved.  It is not an issue of no consequence.  It is not “no big deal.”

And still: hetrom aces, seriously, you need to get it together.  For Pete’s sake, quit making those posts that act like gay people are oppressing you.


2 responses to “go sit in the corner

  • Siggy

    Funny thing is the whole Addyi thing just illustrates how hetrom aces have their own unique problems. The concern about abusive partners blackmailing people into taking Addyi is mostly expressed in the context of ace women dating allo men. That’s a pretty hetrom problem right there. I’m so glad I will never have to date straight people.

  • demiandproud

    They didn’t O_O (@ approval) Seriously, no one needs to be taken an anti-depressant type drug without being depressed for a slightly higher libido. Especially when that’s only one factor in determining if you’re asexual.

    Heteronormativity’s a pervasive weed. I mean, I hadn’t noticed at all how much every space is hetero space until I visited Gay Pride and hello, everyone was welcome.

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