to add on to this post:

[cw for bugs/arachnids/spiders and unsettling junk]

I had a dream the other night that the back of my father’s shirt was covered in spiders.  Big ones, small ones, a range of different sizes, some tiny, some big as a fist, and I was trying to alert him to the fact and swat them off for him but there were so many and they were sticking to him like glue.

When I woke up, my first thought was to tell my dad that I had a dream about him and what all happened in it.  Then I realized that he might not actually enjoy hearing about that, anymore than your ordinary jordan would enjoy hearing about the time a scorpion dropped from the ceiling onto my neck and stung me there when I tried to get it off me.

This doesn’t go for 100% of people, but I think there’s a lot of people who, upon hearing those stories, would cringe out of empathy, imagining themselves in the situation automatically upon picturing it or simply feeling uneasy at the thought.

Sometimes that’s me & sex.

That’s all.


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  • myatheistlife

    The dream is about you, some aspect of you which is burdened with many small and not so small habits which you do not find pleasant.

  • Klaaraa

    Cringe out of empathy for someone dreaming someone else was covered in Spiders? Do People really do that? I know cringing out of empathy for physical pain that actually happened is a Thing that I and other People do, such as a graphic description of the damage caused by a heavy brick falling on one’s foot or something…

    • Coyote

      Cringe out of empathy for the person covered in spiders, more like. Yes.

    • Calum P Cameron

      If it’s worth anything, I personally did essentially cringe out of empathy for our gracious host while reading this post. Because it’s in first person so the little omnisensory movie playing in my head as I read it is also in first person, and as such in my head I’M to some extent experiencing what it is to look up at a loved one and just see SUDDENLY MORE CREEPY-CRAWLIES THAN I WAS PREPARED FOR, and that sounds unpleasant, and so that makes me cringe.

  • lengray

    Well said. Thanks for sharing Coyote :)

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