hmmMMMMM I want to write to write for this carnival of aces but I’m… not sure how to express my thoughts yet.  I don’t know how I would explain my objections to “progress”/”progressive” rhetoric and why I associate it so strongly with the Enlightenment (“enlightenment”) and why it’s something I don’t want for the ace community.  Don’t know how to get at… the problem with forwards/backwards linear and conveying the alternative.  …I need to think on this some more.  Just putting it out there, for now, that it’s something on my mind.


6 responses to “(-gress)

  • elainexe

    I think I know what you mean. Or well, I’ve definitely had thoughts about those terms, and issues with them.
    Problems like. Uh. thinking we’re so free of the ignorances of the past, or that it’s possible to achieve such a state. Or that progress has to have certain attributes. Or certain worldviews, such as viewing everything “scientifically” or “objectively,” without regards to how much bias can creep into that, or to the extent that other ways of knowing the world, such as spiritual, can be part of how we know the world and don’t just belong in the unenglightened, outdated side of progress. And I think it could also tie into ideas of liberation, how the past was restrictive but now we’re free, or are heading towards freedom, something we in the ace community are familiar with relating to sexuality how compulsory sexuality is wrapped up in the rhetoric of liberation.
    Well. I don’t know if those are the kinds of thoughts you’ve had; maybe they can be some useful words if so. Or maybe you have some completely different ideas. I’d definitely be excited to see anything you come up with for the carnival!

  • epochryphal

    same same with “””recovery””” bullshit. and the western narrative model as linear and plot-driven, which eyyy is not the narrative style/model elsewhere.

    and like. even ‘spiral’ models, while encouraging (gurren lagann forever), are inaccurate as hell.

    • queenieofaces

      Was not expecting to see a Gurren Lagann reference here but I am very pleased to see it.

      For recovery, I like thinking in cycles? Which was partially influenced by fifthstrilonde’s emphasis on cyclical time (they have some really cool thoughts but I cannot find their tag for it! augh, should have bookmarked). Like, PTSD operates on a very particular calendar for me, and so thinking in cycles rather than in progress as a straight line is really helpful. (Also part of the reason I reach for video game metaphors! My boss battle is from mid-December to the end of April.)

    • Coyote

      Hm, hadn’t thought about that parallel. But yes, I think assuming a certain narrative is part of it… Like it’s this… model where any change is “progressive” or “regressive,” win/lose, without accounting for complexity — like it’s a game of Contagion and you either Have a country or you Don’t, or like a game of Risk where you either Have a country or you Don’t, and you gain or you lose and there’s no ambiguity. Which is a useless way of framing anything like… if I come out to someone, and it’s the first time they’ve heard of asexuality, and now they’ve heard of it, is that “progress”? *shrug noises* When “the ace community” consolidated as such and came up with an “official” definition for asexuality rather than the more nebulous sense of it prior — that’s neither progress nor regression, really, it’s just change (an important change, but change that isn’t a matter of backward/forward). And there’s so much implied consensus and known-end-goal and…

      …and stuff.

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