Siggy wrote a critique of secular humanism

Here it is.  Go read it.

My favorite part is this point right here:

offering a real moral vision means dropping members who would disagree with it.”

That put into words something I’d been thinking for a while (re: UU-ers), so thank you, Siggy.


2 responses to “Siggy wrote a critique of secular humanism

  • Siggy

    My boyfriend thinks the comparison to UU is unfair. He did, after all, grow up in UU, and then exclude himself due to disagreements with their values. UU doesn’t exclude people based on their theological beliefs, and thus you could say they don’t offer a real theological vision, but that’s fine. That just puts UU on par with basically every other community except the religious ones.

    The other thing is that UU is attached to a community, whereas most of self-id’d secular humanists are not involved in any particular community. Identifying as UU will always at least signal community affiliation, but humanism signals nothing but beliefs, and not very well at that.

    In my experience, my objection to secular humanism (which is one I’ve held for many years) is atypical. For instance, I quoted Greta Christina as criticizing humanists, but in the same post she emphasizes that of course she’s a humanist too.

    • Coyote

      It probably is unfair. They were just on my mind since I had been talking with the copilot about them recently, after she paid a visit to one of their facilities and picked up a brochure.

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